After the news broke of animators’ mistreatment at Nitrogen Studios' Sausage Party production, a group of concerned animators gathered together to change poor working conditions that are pervasive throughout the industry in Vancouver. We are The Art Babbitt Appreciation Society. We are skilled, we are essential,  we are animation.



A large section of our website is dedicated to providing education on the basics of unionization in Vancouver. What are the benefits of an animation union? What are our rights? What does the Animation Guild in LA do? Read and find out.


Want to learn more about events coming up? We host town halls and studio meetings quarterly, as well as core and outreach meetings as needed. Check out our links or contact us to find out when the next event is coming up.



The Canadian Animation Wage Share is an anonymous survey put together by animators in the Vancouver Animation Industry. Their mission is to share anonymous wage data to help empower artists and employees in Canadian Animation, and to create a more open and transparent view of wages in the animation industry.

Join Our Discord Server!

ABAS has started a Discord server to help with our organizing efforts! The goal of the discord server is to connect artists across the industry who are hoping to see a union form, with channels like general chat, studio specific chats, politics, women’s chat, seeking work and more. It is also becoming a very helpful tool for our different committees, making communication and organization easier!


Got a question about what an animation union in Vancouver will look like? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!

About Us

Learn more about Art Babbitt and the ABAS Group, the animation workers standing together to improve the industry.


Want to check out our library of resources? Learn more about IATSE, BC Labour Law, and the Animation Guild in LA here.