Discord Server - UPDATE!

ABAS has started a Discord server to help with our organizing efforts! The goal of the discord server is to connect artists across the industry who are hoping to see a union form, with channels like general chat, studio specific chats, politics, women’s chat, seeking work and more. It is also becoming a very helpful tool for our different committees, making communication and organization easier!

Our committees - Core, Womens’, Accessibility, Postering, Events and Social Media - are going to be an integral part of our organizing efforts, and ensuring the union we form represents all of us. In addition to organizing, it’s a great community for animators to be a part of. Whether you’re looking for work, looking to meet like minded people and get involved, or looking to be involved in our educational livestreams, the ABAS Discord Server is a great way to start!

UPDATE: Our links haven’t been working, but we’ve worked hard to update them and they should be good to go. If you’ve been having problems please try again here!

Here’s an overview of our committees, and what they are responsible for:

1. Core Committee - the central organizing committee for ABAS. This is capped at 10 members, with one spot reserved for LGBTQ representation, one spot for minority representation and one spot for a women's representative.

2. Postering Committee - responsible for creating and putting up posters and other physical advertising for ABAS.

3. Women's Committee - open only to women, women identified and non binary members, organizing specifically on women and non-binary issues and hosting women's only ABAS events.

4. Social media committee - members who run and organize our social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

5. Accessibility Committee - responsible for identifying and including accessibility issues for animators for ABAS 6. Event Committee - responsible for organizing and running ABAS events, including town hall meetings and coordinating with IATSE for joint events.

Art Babbitt