Events: Calendar

ABAS holds a variety of meetings throughout the year to educate and inform animation and VFX artists about the union drive.

Town Hall Meetings are held four times a year, and are open for all animation and VFX workers to come out, learn more, ask questions and talk to IATSE reps. The town halls have been very informative, and occasionally feature special guests.

In addition, ABAS holds Studio Specific Meetings as well, which are an opportunity for workers from specific studios to come together and discuss issues and complications within their studios.

ABAS also holds core meetings to continue organization and coordination of the group.

Events: Town Halls

Are you new to the union drive and interested in learning more about the process, benefits, issues and more? ABAS and IATSE hold town halls four times a year, approximately once every quarter, to help educate animation and VFX workers. Town Halls generally feature an overview of the union process, updates about the union drive, Q&A, and occasionally special guest speakers.

To protect animation workers, the location of our events are private and can only be obtained through email. Management, studio owners and members of the press are not permitted to attend. If you are interested in attending an ABAS Town Hall, you can RSVP and receive the location through our Facebook Page or Eventbrite, or contact us with the form below.

Our next town hall will be in September 2019.

Events: Studio Meetings

ABAS and IATSE hold studio meetings regularly to help animation and VFX workers organize by studio. Studio meetings are open to anyone interested in learning more about the union drive at their specific studio, as well learn about how a union can help specific studio issues.

To find out when the next meeting is happening for your studio, contact us by using the correct studio form below.



None at the moment - contact us if you’d like to help us start one for your studio!