Calling All VFX Artists!

Are you looking to learn more about the union drive in your industry? ABAS wants to help connect our Animation and VFX Communities with IATSE to form a local union to protect our industry. Come join us at a town-hall-style meeting geared towards VFX workers to learn about unionization, ask questions, get involved, and more.

Upcoming VFX Town Hall:

Wednesday October 4th, 7pm

What Will a Union Do?

A VFX union will do what every labor union does: negotiate better working conditions, wage adjustments and minimums; enforce the laws in regards to health, safety and overtime; provide pension plans and extended health benefits; and provide workers with advocates during employment disputes. The goal of a labour union is to give all workers the strength of a collective voice, and to reset the power imbalances between employees and their employers.

Why Do We Need One?

Unions provide individual artists the collective strength to stand up to their employers and ask for things they need. Whether this is asking for health benefits or overtime pay, the only way we can make a difference is by standing together.

How Do I Sign Up?

To protect our VFX workers, we keep the event location private. To RSVP and receive an invitation, you can visit our Facebook Page or Eventbrite Page to sign up, or contact us by using the RSVP form below!


General Town Hall

Can't make it out on Wednesday? Don't worry, we have our general Town Hall on Saturday, October 7th. This meeting is open to all animation and VFX artists, and is a great way to continue to learn about the union drive, and get involved in the efforts. 

Sign Up: